No more appointments

As of 2014 I do not offer consultations in private practices anymore. I am pursuing my work as researcher and lecturer at university  … more 


Teaching animal husbandry and care

Since 2011 I teach for the Swiss animal dealer association in Lausanne. This year I also participate in the training of animal keepers at the professional school EPSIC in Lausanne.  … more 


Radioprogram on animal communication

A subject that annoys, surprises, triggers smiles or disdain, and yet aleviates our daily grind some times. We are talking about animal communication. A radioprogram in French  … more 

takhi herd (Przewalski's horses)

How you can reach me

No more appointments from 2014 onwards!

For questions regarding the following subjects you can reach me via e-mail to

  • husbandry, nutrition and occupation of zoo animals and exotic pets
  • epidemiology, diseases and therapy of zoo animals and exotic pets
  • theory of complex dynamical systems and chaos
  • One Health
  • other subjects on these pages

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

For advice, diagnostics and therapy of exotic pets I recommend the following colleagues

Dr. Wolfgang Übersax
Cabinet vétérinaire des Tuileries
Chemin des Tuileries 42
1293 Bellevue

022 774 25 25

Dr. Willi Häfeli
Klein- und Zootierpraxis
Untere Zollgasse 24
3072 Ostermundigen

031 931 60 20

Dr. Peter Sandmeier
Kleintierpraxis Baden-Dättwil
Täfernstrasse 11b
5405 Baden-Dättwil

056 481 81 21