No more appointments

As of 2014 I do not offer consultations in private practices anymore. I am pursuing my work as researcher and lecturer at university  … more 


Teaching animal husbandry and care

Since 2011 I teach for the Swiss animal dealer association in Lausanne. This year I also participate in the training of animal keepers at the professional school EPSIC in Lausanne.  … more 


Radioprogram on animal communication

A subject that annoys, surprises, triggers smiles or disdain, and yet aleviates our daily grind some times. We are talking about animal communication. A radioprogram in French  … more 

Schlafender Leopard

As of 2014 I don't take appointments anymore

In 2013 I started my work at the veterinary publc health institute of the university of Berne. At the end of that year I was called to the section of epidemiology of the vetsuisse-faculty of the university of Zurich. I conduct research on integrating human, veterinary and environmental health in the one health concept. This gives me the opportunity to pursue my interest in the theory of complex dynamical systems and a holistic approach to health, which I will hopefully be able to teach to future veterinarians one day.