No more appointments

As of 2014 I do not offer consultations in private practices anymore. I am pursuing my work as researcher and lecturer at university  … more 


Teaching animal husbandry and care

Since 2011 I teach for the Swiss animal dealer association in Lausanne. This year I also participate in the training of animal keepers at the professional school EPSIC in Lausanne.  … more 


Radioprogram on animal communication

A subject that annoys, surprises, triggers smiles or disdain, and yet aleviates our daily grind some times. We are talking about animal communication. A radioprogram in French  … more 


Quality management

From a systemic point of view, feedback is the foundation of any meaningful interaction with the environment. Thus quality management in terms of a feedback mechanism is an indispensable element of system-oriented veterinary medicine. I work with feedback on various levels.

Case history

The findings of all consultations are recorded in an electronic database. For conventional clinical examinations these are the findings with the five senses as well as laboratory results, radiographs and ultrasound recordings. For the diagnosis with qi I use a standardised form that contains all organ systems and their main components. During the examination I rate the health state of each functional unit with the values 0 (ok), -1 (bad) or -2 (very bad). This allows me to evaluate the treatments retrospectively and to trace the progress over several treatments.

Independent methods

If a diagnostic method is used on its own, there is a principal danger of generating self-fulfilling prophecies. Thus it is important to use a variety of different and independent methods and to compare the results. I aim to compare my clinical results and my diagnoses with qi with the diagnoses from colleagues. Critical assessments are an opportunity to learn and improve for all parties. Depending on the indication, I will consult with specialised veterinarians and laboratories to establish a reliable diagnosis and to assess my own viability.


Opinions and hopes of animal owners are the focus of system-oriented veterinary medicine. Therefore people working with me must be free to express their criticism and I insist on knowing about it. Obviously this counts for positive as much as for negative feedback. It is also important to realise that a profound healing process may imply very emotional phases and that these should be understood as part of the process.

Further, treatments that are aborted have a special meaning for me and my practice as they show my limitations. Therefore I am keen on knowing about the motivation and conditions that led to an aborted treatment.

Collaboration with various colleagues permits feedback to improve my work and communication. Professional staff management and constructive team work are prerequisite for a prosperous development of everybody involved. I cultivate a relation of trust with all collaborators to allow for even unpleasant feedback if necessary.


The findings of my diagnoses with qi are as engaging as findings with any other diagnostic method. On request, I shall be happy to print a corresponding report for you.

I am also analysing my database statistically at regular intervals and publish the results on this homepage.